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Can You Bare Your Backups?

You want to archive your photo collection, right? You want an onsite copy and an offsite copy, right? You know, so one disaster doesn't lead to another. But why should you buy a bunch of external hard drives that will … Continue reading

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Spy Pictures from the Prague Secret Police Surveillance Archives

History is the tale told by the winners and nothing proves this better than, “Prague through the Lens of the Secret Police” a collection of “surveillance” photographs taken between 1970 and 1989. Published in 2009, these are pictures made by … Continue reading

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Apple’s iPhone: can an app turn it into a camera for pros?

If you've been around photography for any length of time, you'll doubtless have heard some variation on the truism that it's not the camera which makes the photo, it's the photographer. The theory is that a real pro can get … Continue reading

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The Camera Bag: Brydge Keyboard Accessory Turns Your iPad Into a Detachabe MackBook Air

There have been a lot of interesting crowd-funded Kickstarter projects so far along with some more laughable ones. Add the Brydge + iPad project to the interesting category. (Actually make that the very interesting category.) Ever since we got our … Continue reading

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Announcing: Comments!

Leaping boldly into the 21st century, IR has rolled out a reader comment system for our news pages! Now, rather than simply staring dumbfounded in amazement, you can share your own thoughts on the news of the day, whether it … Continue reading

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Look out Cokin, there’s a new kid in town

There's a new kid on the block for photographic filters, with the announcement by a newly-formed Slovakian company that it will soon start selling filters in the standard Type P format. Piešťany-based G&R spol. s.r.o. will sell its filters under the … Continue reading

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Olympus OM-D E-M5

from Reviews (latest): Digital Photography Review (

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